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Cut Your Energy Bill In Half!

Hayward Pool Products are the preferred brand of pool industry professionals for many reasons and among them is huge energy savings. Here is one of our top reasons for using Hayward Pool Products.

The EcoStar Variable Speed Pumps

Hayward EcoStar Pump
You can save $1500 a year off your energy bill. Using multiple speeds allows your pool to stay cleaner while your pump runs on less power than a traditional single speed pump.

Most customers report earning a return on their investment within a year of installation. These pumps pay for themselves and fast. With these advances in technology saving people money, you can’t ignore the results. Look at how much you could save with Hayward’s Energy Calculator.



The EcoStar variable speed pump is the most efficient pool pump available. With customizable speeds and timing your pool will look great while saving you money.

  • The most efficient pump on the market. Its permanent super-efficient magnet, completely enclosed fan-cooled(TEFC) motor, and industry-best hydraulic construction can save you 90% on energy costs.
  • The programmable integrated controller features a self-contained 24-hour clock and as many as eight custom timer and speed functions that enable the pump to regulate flow efficiently and continuously.
  • The user interface can change position or even be removed and remounted to a wall for easy access.
  • You may be eligible for rebates from the local power company. Southern California Edison customers can check here.

Hayward has a wide variety of great energy saving products that can help you get the most out of your money. See more of these great products at Hayward Energy Solutions